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Pet Vibe Camera

As an innovator of this cutting-edge business, I’m indeed elated by your attention to pet safety, excellent health, and a sense of wellness. My idea for Pet Vibe Camera popped up at the time when I was a real pet owner with a busy schedule – juggling my career and taking care of my pets, – Buddy, Dog and Cleo, Cat. As with most pet owners, I did spend a lot of time worrying when I was not in place with them for extended hours. Did they get enough exercise, entertained, and get quality time with me? What will I do if no one will tell me if they are happy or not?

Just at that moment, it hit me that I should do it. What if I can install small discreet cameras that are pet-friendly and can allow me to check in on Buddy and Cleo multiple times throughout the day through my smartphone? First of all, I could see if they were actually safe and check if everything is okay by being online. Besides, it would be possible to watch them, speak to them, and also to feed them remotely. It was the seamless way to remain linked.

The idea behind the Pet Vibe Camera started after that «aha» moment. Alongside advanced engineering work and pet behaviorist experts, I came up with smart camera systems that take a few minutes to set up and provide comfort to pets as well. Each of our cameras is equipped with two-way communication so I can say “Well done” or “OK”, and night vision so I can keep watching even if there are no light and motion sensors to capture jumpings and tricks.

However, that’s just the tip of the app’s iceberg – the ultimate way it excels is in providing you, the pet owners, with highly specialized tools that meet your specific needs. The camera monitoring system can do a real-time review of footage and smart alerts in case there are suspicious behaviors like pacing, extreme vocalization, or even no movement that might point to distress. You can save pick up and drop off, meal times, potty breaks, medications, and activities, so you can share with a pet sitter, dog walker, or veterinarian.

In a nutshell, Pet Vibe Camera is nothing short of a masterpiece because it brings indescribable happiness and tranquility that is needed to unwind when dealing with the stresses and strains of everyday life. Personally, whoever you are for me there’s no more exciting thing than being able to watch in real time what my hairy best friends doing, seeing them sleeping, playing, or somehow they know that I am behind speaking with the camera. Feeling as though we were all in the same room is their – my- new norm now.

I could not be more proud of the fact that Pet Vibe Camera now has thousands of users who are able to bond no matter where they are separated with an added sense of safety and enrichment. Indeed, I am entirely certain that it is the instrument that can fortify the family ties and connection between people and their pets.

See our cameras, and register as a member of our devoted bulldog lovers group immediately! Whether you richly prefer dogs, cats, or just an elaborate fan of pets, with the help of the specialized camera Pet Vibe Camera you can conserve and enjoy these relations at the utmost level.

All my blessings to you with bright memories, filled with your beloved fur babies.

Elena Kaede
Founder & Pet Parent

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